• Knob & Tube Removal

  • Knob & Tube wiring is the oldest way to wire a home - cloth covered wires are connected with porcelain knobs to secure the wires. When the wire passes through a stud or joist, a hole is drilled and fitted with porcelain tubes. The wire is fed through these tubs to prevent them from touching the wood. Call Lethbridge Electric at 403.593.1500 to send an experienced electrician to fully inspect and recommend all options available to your home or business.

    Lethbridge Electric specializes in knob & tube wiring removal, homes with knob & tubes needs to be taken care of with skill, expertise and patience. We'll update your home to current standards.

    A proper careful inspection is important as most older homes have a mixture of knob & tube removal and other wiring materials, our expert electricians will come for a free consultation.

    Cost of replacing knob & tube wiring?

    • size of home
    • bungalow, 2 story, bi-level...
    • unfinished or finished basement
    • access to attic (or if you have an attic)

    Call Lethbridge Electric for a free consultation 403.593.1500.